Getting Started: The Intake Consultation

If you’re ready to get started with psychotherapy, that is an achievement in itself. Instead of simply accepting your circumstances, you’ve chosen to actively work on creating a brighter future! You should be proud of yourself for getting to this point in your journey.

We are excited to welcome you to our practice as a client and look forward to helping you build a fruitful life.

For new clients, we offer a complimentary intake consultation before their first official session.

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What Is an Intake Consultation?

A complimentary intake consultation lasts about 15 minutes and allows both you and the therapist a lower stakes setting to assess whether you’re mutually a good fit.

You’ll have a chance to interact with your therapist during this consultation. We encourage you to share your most pressing concerns and your therapy goals. Let us know what you want your best life to look like. Your therapist will take down this information and provide insight into how our services can benefit you.

You’ll learn what you can expect through therapy sessions at Fruit from the Roots and how you can approach them in a way that will benefit you. Your therapist may also discuss the strategies they would use in working with you and give you the chance to ask questions about your treatment plan.

Why Do I Need an Intake Consultation?

Psychotherapy requires an investment of both your time and resources, and we don’t take this lightly.

Not everyone will have the energy to engage in a full session with multiple prospective therapists until they find one they’re comfortable with. After all, it can be emotionally draining to reshare their stories with a new practitioner over and over.

For you to benefit from your sessions, there needs to be a good fit between you and your therapist. While all therapists should be clinically trained, certified and adaptable to meet the needs of each unique client, many factors can affect compatibility.

Most individuals who consider psychotherapy have an end goal of a better, more satisfying life. A therapist you feel comfortable with will facilitate the conversations needed to help you break out of the negative patterns you’ve formed in the past. You will have the chance to share honestly and openly during your time together.

By offering a free consultation, we make it easier to decide if your assigned therapist is right for you. This step is imperative to your healing and mental wellness process!

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How Does an Intake Consultation Work?

To begin your wellness journey at Fruits from the Roots, please complete our intake form or create an account on the Client Portal. Once completed, we will contact you to book your intake session.

We have a diverse team of therapists with different strengths and focus areas available to assist you. You may wish to view the Meet Our Therapists section of our website to see if there is a particular team member you would like to request. However, you can rest assured that every member of our team is highly trained, and your assigned therapist will treat your concerns with the compassion and respect you deserve.


The intake consultation is approximately 15 minutes. It is an opportunity for you to determine whether your potential therapist is the right fit for your mental health journey. If you’d like to move forward with your therapist, you can book a full session.

One-to-one, individual therapy sessions last around 50 minutes and couples therapy sessions are 75 minutes. This is when you will begin discussing your issues in depth.

Both your intake consultation and first official session will be conducted virtually.

Keep in mind that for many, especially those engaging in therapy for the first time, it might feel awkward or unnatural to share your deepest thoughts. This is normal! During your therapy consultation, you should get a good idea of how you feel talking to your therapist. Do you feel supported and safe? Can you see yourself opening up over time and broaching your most challenging issues? If so, you’re likely on the right track.

After your initial intake session, we hope you will feel better prepared and perhaps even excited to start your therapy journey. Your therapist will advise you of their availability at the end of your consultation. You can generally expect to book your first full session within 72 hours.

If you’re unsure what to say during your therapy consultation, don’t worry! Our therapists can lead the conversation, providing questions to give them a sense of your background, circumstances and the reasons that prompted you to seek mental health resources. You may find that this will help encourage you to share any lingering hesitations you may have about engaging in therapy.