Couples Therapy

Real life isn’t always like the movies. Happy, healthy relationships can take a lot of hard work and require both parties to mindfully choose each other, day in and day out. 

We acknowledge that relationships can consist of more than two individuals. Regardless of this fact in many long-term partnerships, the daily demands of life—work, children, errands—take away from the time and energy needed to nourish the connection between parties. 

Long-term life partnerships should be filled with love and joy. You should feel safe, secure, and content with the person you’ve chosen to be with. If you’re experiencing challenges in your relationship, couples counselling can help. 

Every relationship goes through its peaks and valleys. You may be going through a difficult time and cannot see a clear path forward. Perhaps it’s been hard for a while, and you’re wondering if it’s even possible to get back to a better place. 

Some partnerships are held back by past hurts, incorrect assumptions, and ongoing behaviors that prevent growth and change. Couples counselling can help you build on the relationship you already have and help you achieve the connection you’ve always hoped for.

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What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy can open up the channels of communication between you and your partner, addressing any ongoing hurts or resentments to help you move forward. As your therapist gets to know you, they’ll identify harmful patterns of behaviour or negative mindsets that have kept you from fully engaging with your partner.

Sometimes, parties may deeply care for one another but feel as though they’re holding each other back from fulfilling their full potential. They may want to know whether it’s best to end their relationship. Our therapists can help you approach this question with clarity, allowing you to work through your problems, identify the root causes of your current concerns, and choose your next steps.

What is Marriage Counselling?

Marriage counselling can be very effective for spouses who have reached a stalemate in their relationship. Whether you’re newlywed or have been married for decades, it can be difficult to share every aspect of your lives in such an intimate manner.

As people grow and evolve, this will naturally cause shifts in a partnership. Life events, such as having children, career changes, an empty nest or infidelity can cause strain. Seeking advice from a marriage therapist can help rebuild the bond you had in brighter days.

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How Does Couples Counselling Work?

You can expect a warm and safe space to share your concerns and express your emotions. Your therapist will take some time to observe how you and your partner interact, assessing your personalities, needs and fears. They will ask questions to understand your relationship better and provide you with food for thought. 

Based on your needs and goals for therapy, your counsellor may recommend both individual and joint sessions with your partner. At times, some exchanges may feel uncomfortable, but it is part of the journey to achieve a better relationship with your partner. Your therapist will help set the boundaries needed to nurture safe and constructive conversations.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide you and your partner with the tools to achieve effective communication, find a deeper connection, and address long-standing resentments. This way, you can move forward in unity and peace.


Couples counselling isn’t restricted to those who are married. Communication issues, frequent conflict, and a feeling of disconnect aren’t exclusive to those who have said their vows. Anyone who is currently in a relationship can benefit from couples therapy.

If you wish to improve how you connect, get better at resolving conflict, or just to reignite your spark for each other, couples counselling can help you get there. 

Finding couples therapy near you can be a challenge. Fruits from the Roots offers accessible couples therapy in Toronto, its surrounding areas including Markham, Vaughan, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga as well as in Ottawa. We also offer virtual services which extend our reach even further!

We know that childcare, work obligations, and tight schedules often keep individuals from seeking therapy, even when they need it. By making our services available through a virtual platform, we can expand our reach and provide couples and marriage counselling in Toronto, Ottawa and beyond.

We invite you to complete our intake form or create an account on the Client Portal. Once completed, we will contact you to book your complimentary intake session. This initial session will last approximately 15 minutes and is an opportunity for you and your partner to engage with your assigned therapist and see if they are the right fit. During this time, you can ask questions about your therapist’s approach, advise them of any concerns, and provide a summary of what has led you to seek therapy. 

If you’d like to move forward with your therapist, you can book a full, 75-minute session, usually available within several days of your intake appointment.