Clinical Supervision and Student Practicums 

Clinical Supervision is vital in providing the practical experience needed to be a trusted psychotherapist and receiving live feedback.

For both newly licensed and seasoned therapists, clinical supervision can provide additional support, actionable insights, and an opportunity to reflect on your approach and build on your services. 

Your time with us will be guided by our director and founder, Darlene Cyrus-Blaize (Ed.D, M.A., RP).

Darlene teaches graduate-level psychology courses at the City University of Seattle (Canadian campus). She also chairs qualifying exam panels for clinical practice and is a much sought-after Clinical Supervisor. Darlene shares her insight and knowledge as a Practice Standards Case Writer and Peer Circle Contributor with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) ’s Quality Assurance team.

Virtual afro American psychotherapist appointment and online therapy session. This is how the clinical supervisions are performed.

As a registered psychotherapist, educator, and mentor, Darlene recognizes the importance of clinical supervision as a necessary component to ensuring client welfare and professional best practices.

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Types of Clinical Supervision

You can choose from three types of clinical supervision: individual, dyadic and group.

Individual Clinical Supervision

In an individual clinical supervision session, you can discuss your cases, approach, and concerns in a confidential setting with your supervisor. These 50-minute sessions allow you to raise your questions and explore specific areas of interest. Your supervisor will provide feedback tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.

Dyadic Clinical Supervision

Dyadic supervision involves two psychotherapists and a supervisor. You’ll present your questions and share your techniques with a peer who can provide a second opinion. You can weigh in with your own experiences to aid your peer in navigating their own challenges. Your supervisor will help guide the conversation and provide insight in this open forum.

Group Clinical Supervision

In a group supervision setting, you will join several other psychotherapists. Under the guidance of your supervisor, you can share any difficulties you’ve encountered in your practice, with a group of peers. You can also provide your opinions and insights to assist your fellow therapists in their practice and approach. Group supervision starts the first week of May and September and occur weekly for 8 week (excluding any holidays).

If you are interested please fill the application form.

Why Clinical Supervision?

The goals of clinical supervision are threefold. These sessions serve to:

1. Monitor and ensure the welfare of clients seen by supervisees.

A client’s physical and emotional well-being is of the utmost priority. Clinical supervision can ensure that therapists are practicing in a manner that will maintain the safety and wellness of the individuals they are treating.

2. Promote the development of the supervisee’s professional counsellor identity and competence.

Clinical supervision can assist new therapists in gaining confidence, mastering techniques and handling challenging cases effectively with empathy. It can also help experienced therapists update their skills and knowledge to stay current with changing trends and novel issues.

3. Fulfill requirements in preparation for the supervisee’s pursuit of professional licensure/registration.

Almost all professional psychotherapy or counselling programs will require students to engage in some form of clinical supervision before graduation or for final certification prior to practicing independently.

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If you are interested please fill the application form.

You may book a 15-minute consultation for more information about clinical supervision.

Team of Students working by group video call sharing ideas brainstorming using video conference. This is how the clinical supervision and student practicum sessions are held.

Student Practicum

Student Practicum in psychology provides students with a rich array of opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge in a clinical setting. We offer an integrated and holistic practicum experience. 

Our practicum includes: 

– Two weeks of orientation 

– Weekly group supervision

– Weekly Individual or Dyadic supervision 

– 2 hours/month of Experiential Professional Development activities

– Training to establish a Private Practice Caseload

– Opportunities to develop and facilitate Mental Health Workshops

Students have the flexibility to set their working hours. Please note that you should set aside 10-15 hours per week to complete the practicum activities (facilitating sessions, record-keeping, clinical meetings, etc.). 

After successfully completing the practicum experience, you may be invited to transition into the role of Associate Therapist, where you can continue to support clients on your own caseload. You will receive ongoing clinical supervision and financial compensation for each session.  

How It Works?

Fruits from the Roots accepts applications for the student practicum from individuals currently enrolled in a graduate-level Counselling Psychology program. 

Your application should include:

– Your resume

– Contact information

– Requested practicum start date

– The names and contact information for two professional or academic references

Include a short text answering following questions:

– Describe what makes you the ideal candidate to join our team.

– Identify and describe at least two of your strengths. 

– Identify and describe an area in which you need further growth and development. 

Deadlines and start dates for all terms are as below:

– October 15th for the Winter term (January start)

– February 15th for the Spring term (May start) 

– July 15th for the Fall term (September start) 

Successful applicants will be notified within a week for an interview. Interviews are scheduled within the two weeks following the deadline.

A person with dark complexion, wearing glasses and sporting a voluminous afro hairstyle, is looking upwards with a contagious expression of joy. This photo serves a purpose to express the freedom one will have in their career should they choose to attend clinical supervision and student practicum sessions with Fruits From The Roots.

Disclaimer: Students are not required to submit a fee to Fruits from the Roots to practice at our site. We consider it unethical to expect remuneration in exchange for an evaluation. Please note, however, that students are expected to obtain their own professional liability insurance and provincial professional regulatory registration fees.

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Let Us Be a Part of Your Professional Journey

We believe diversity and representation are vital in the field of mental health and well-being. Applicants of various cultural and ethnic identities are encouraged to apply.

Please note that both student placements and clinical supervision in Toronto and across Ontario are competitive programs and are offered virtually. Each applicant is thoroughly screened and carefully considered for suitability.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you.