Pursuing Entrepreneurship is associated with psychological/emotional difficulties. Reports indicate that 72% of entrepreneurs are affected by Mental Health Issues in comparison to 48% non-entrepreneurs. Depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome, ADHD, and emotional burnout have been reported. Moreover, entrepreneurs who also identify as members of the BIPOC community are at increased risk of dealing with Racial and Career Traumas. These mental health struggles when unaddressed can impair an entrepreneur’s ability to successfully function and grow their businesses.

The Mental Health 4 Success Program is our effort to making mental health services accessible and culturally informed for the BIPOC Entrepreneurial/Business Community. Moreover, given that representation matters, the program will also serve as a platform/practicum placement site for emerging BIPOC clinicians to train and develop their clinical skills.

Individuals must demonstrate eligibility criteria through active involvement with an organization and/or program that serves the BIPOC Entrepreneurial/Business Community.

To access and/or inquire about this service please email Clientservices@fruitsfromtheroots.com